The next 5 years, Timberland Boots UK expects in the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and the Asia Pacific region has maintained steady growth. The Americas will undertake a $1400000000 increase in nearly half the task, the annual growth rate remained at around 14% USA direct sales channel and distribution channel is active force led growth; for the EMEA area, Timberland is expected to 2019 years from now the annual income of $380000000 increased to $1000000000, the annual growth rate maintained at about 10%, Italy and the UK is the focus area, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the market remains to be further explored.

But for the Asia Pacific region, Timberland Outlet expects revenue to achieve double growth, by the end of 2019 sales of $620000000, the annual growth rate of about 15%, of which US $310000000 will be mainly from the growth of the Chinese market and the Korean market contribution, for Timberland, the two regions have very large growth space.

Channels, realize the development of Timberland 5 annual growth target will mainly rely on the wholesale and direct sales channels. The next 5 years, Timberland wholesale channels from the current $825000000 in revenue is expected to grow to $2000000000 per week, which area annual growth rate remained at 13%, EMEA area 8%, and the Asia Pacific region in 14%.

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